HCM: DAI-ICHI LIFE tuyển dụng Chuyên viên Pháp chế (Eng)

DAI-ICHI LIFE tuyển dụng Compliance Executive (Chuyên viên Pháp chế) làm việc tại Hồ Chí Minh, Yêu cầu có 2 năm kinh nghiệm, Hạn nhận hồ sơ: 31/03/2021. Cụ thể như sau:


This role has the responsibility to formulate company’s compliance strategies, conduct and manage compliance activities in coordination with all departments aiming at minimizing/controlling the legal risk in our new/existing business particularly that of Agency distribution channel and contributing to build compliance culture throughout the company.


Take initiatives to accomplish the missions of Compliance Team under supervision of Compliance Manager, specifically as follows:

• Plan, review and improve the compliance program which is the action plan to improve compliance and reduce misconducts.

• Implement, review the result of compliance program and facilitate all the departments to implement Plan-Do-Check-Action cycle for that purpose.

• Review the internal rules regarding (Agency) Compliance and have the sufficient internal rules, including Agency Compliance Manual and the guideline to handle sales materials, in place and ensure their timely update.

• Establish and maintain effective misconduct/misappropriation handling procedure, including classification/criteria of misconducts/punishment.

• Manage recommend the punishment for and implement the punishment for the misconduct cases in accordance with the relevant internal rules.

• Represent the company or give sufficient support to who represent the company and manage the relevant procedures for the legal disputes relevant to Agency channel including legal cases at the court (co-responsible with Legal team).

• Report periodically about misconduct/misappropriation cases to Management and relevant committees.

• Recommend and implement internal education framework for both employees and agents (e.g. periodical compliance seminar, compliance news etc.).

• Establish and maintain database of compliance issues, including misconduct cases in cooperation with Legal team.

• Others as assigned from Compliance Manager from time to time.


Education, no. of year experience:

• University degree;

• At least 2 years experience in life insurance business relevant to either agency management, premium collection or claims investigation…

Technical skills:

• Basic knowledge about the life Insurance business.

• Solid and continuous study to maintain/improve knowledge regarding latest legal and regulation movements.

• Good computer skills using all major office applications.

• Fluent in spoken and written English and Vietnamese.

• Good presentation skills.

Soft skills:

• Excellent verbal/written communication skills.

• Sophisticated interpersonal skills to communicate smoothly and professionally with peoples with various background and situation, including interview with suspects of misconduct cases.

• An analytical & organized approach, with a good attention to details.

Personal attributes:

• A commitment to build strong compliance culture.

• Innovative and self-driven.

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